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Gunfighter: The Quest for Peace: The Morgan Deerfield Western Saga, Book 1 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

John D. Fie Jr. (Author), David Kresser (Narrator), Dusty Saddle Publishing Partnership (Publisher)

The old West. A time of man's bravery and fears. A place where a man needed every ounce of his strength to survive. A barbaric time. A better time. It is a place we call the old West. This is an exciting adventure in that dangerous, yet, dramatic and exciting place.

A powerful new series from John D. Fie, Jr. begins when Morgan Deerfield wants to put his old life behind him and start anew. He gets hired at a local ranch and sets about doing his job and keeping a low profile. Amongst new friends, he unexpectedly finds love and a new life. However, trouble arises and he's asked to don his gun once again.

This is the latest action-action adventure from the number one best-selling Western author, John D. Fie. Saddle up and ride with a true Western best-seller through that wild and dangerous place called the old West. This adventure will take guns, guts, and glory....

Taylorville Showdown: A Western Adventure Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

John D. Fie. Jr (Author), Ken O'Brien (Narrator), Dusty Saddle Publishing Partnership (Publisher)


Exciting new Western drama filled with action, adventure, and a lot of dead criminals! Are you ready for Taylorville Showdown?

Two brothers wandering from town to town, homeless with a troubled past. Finally, they both find peace of mind when they meet up with a widowed rancher and his daughter...but a hard won peace comes at a deadly cost....

This new western from John D. Fie Jr, takes the listener on a two-man rampage as two brothers fight for the lives they truly want...and are willing to have at any price.

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